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MAC offers workshops for beginning, intermediate, and advanced calligraphers taught by local and visiting calligraphic artists. We have had workshops on calligraphic hands, paper treatments (paste paper, collage, folding), color, design, bookmaking, printmaking, and decorative letters, to name only some.

MiniMACs are short, fun, four-hour classes held three or four times a year. We have also sponsored one-, two- and three-day workshops. Extended Studies workshops may take place for a number of weekends over two or more months and offer the opportunity of in-depth study with a particular instructor.

Watch for our occasional Tips and Tricks, which is a day-long session with three two-hour sessions, lunch, and lots from which to choose.

Details for every workshop are announced well in advance including costs, materials lists, location and times, and registration requirements. On-line registration and payment are available for most.

All workshops are available to members and non-members.


If you have any questions about classes, calligraphers in your area, or upcoming events please email us:

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