Wink Covintree

Wink Covintree fell in love with calligraphy (too many years ago to mention) in a Wayne County Community College evening class. There she learned the italic hand, and it is the hand she uses most for addressing envelopes, fill-ins (certificates, place cards, etc.), commissioned pieces, invitation design, and Quaker-style marriage certificates. She has continued to study, primarily through MAC workshops and study groups, and to teach as well. She enjoys using other hands, including uncial and round hand, and working with monoline letters, as well as producing original calligraphic art, poems, hand bound books, and broadsides.

Her specialties include:
Addressing Envelopes, Fill-In (certificates, place cards, etc.), Commissioned Pieces, Invitation Design, Original Calligraphic Art, Poems and Broadsides, and Quaker-style Marriage Certificates.

Please contact Wink by phone or email to obtain additional information or samples of her work at 248-905-3448, 248-225-1020 (m), or

Sample work: