Gail McGuire

Gail travels around the country photographing, then drawing different lighthouses. Her cards are currently being shown in different museum shops and galleries throughout the country. Her love of drawing started as a child with her father being an artist, as well. Gail’s drawings have evolved over the past 30 years, from graphite pencils to colored pencils and pastels. She also loves calligraphy and loves to combine her drawings with her lettering. This is how her inspirational cards were created.

Please contact her by phone or email to obtain additional information or samples of her work at (248) 288-2188 or You may also view her web site at

Gail’s specialties include:
Bookbinding, Handmade Books, Commissioned Pieces, Gift Market, Greeting Card Design, Original Calligraphic Art, Hand painted papers, Paste & Marbled Papers, Poems and Broadsides, Signs, Banners and Displays, Teaching: Classes in Bookbinding, paper marbling, paste paper, and drawing at her studio, and illustration with calligraphy.

Sample work: