Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much will I have to pay?

A. The number of words or letters in the piece, usually dictates the cost. Additional art, be it borders, illustrations, or paintings, will also factor into the cost .

Asking for an estimate of cost is not taboo. But remember that you are contracting for a custom hand lettered piece of calligraphy or calligraphic art designed specifically for you and your calligrapher can put their personal touches into any piece that you order. We suggest that you ask to see their previous work so you can judge whether their style is something that you like.

Q. What style of alphabet do I want?
A. There are literally dozens of alphabets that a professional calligrapher can reproduce for you. Some are easily read while others have a more historical context and are not so easy on the eye. You need to decide who your calligraphy piece is for and how it might be used once you present it. If it is poem or quotation for a wedding, or an alphabet that will be used to address invitations, you might want to consider one that is flowing and easy on the eye like Copperplate or Spencerian. If it is a piece that has historical significance, you might want to consider lettering that mirrors the historical context like an Italic, Black Letter or Round Gothic alphabet. Either way, consultation with your calligrapher is a must and they will be able to give you helpful suggestions.

Q. Do I want art with my lettering?
A. Addition of color or decorative artwork can be a very personal choice. Having a idea of what you want will be very helpful, but your calligrapher will also be able to give suggestions depending on their level of expertise.