Elana Hopman

I’m Elana Hopman, owner of Lana’s Lettering. When you hire me, you get someone who is passionate, hard-working, and probably over-excited about your project. That’s because I love what I do: Lettering demands perfection and artistry, and for a type-A creative like me, it’s the perfect combination. There is no satisfaction quite like a stack of flawlessly addressed envelopes, and being part of people’s big moments — even in a behind-the-scenes way — is intensely gratifying. I’ve worked on weddings from New York to California, Texas to Michigan. It’s not only nuptials that calls for one-of-a-kind, personalized lettering: I’ve also created signs and mailings for birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs, and other special occasions, as well as lettered poems and framed prints.

​Contact Me: lanaslettering@gmail.com // ​248.923.5487

Elana’s specialties include addressing envelopes, fill-in, certificate, resolution, scroll design, commissioned pieces, commercial lettering, family trees, gift market, greeting card design, graphic design, invitation design, Ketubot, original calligraphic art, signs, banners, and displays.

Sample work:


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