Aliza V. Sosne

Since Aliza was very young, she always loved calligraphy and doodling, and eventually began to draw and paint.  She never imagined that her love would eventually become her profession, and she is so grateful that it happened that way.

In 1989, she started as an apprentice in Jay Greenspan’s studio in New York City where her artistic abilities were expanded into painting with gouache (G-wash), Hebrew/English calligraphy and design.

Since then, she has studied art and litterature at Wayne State University and taught both English and French while making Ketubot in the wee hours of the night.

She has been painting and writing Ketubot for the past 22 years and is now a freelance artist, which gives her more time at home with her kids and  to work on what she love to do best, create art.

Aliza started her invitation business 22 years ago, under Simcha Calligraphy.  Since then, she has printed her siblings’ wedding  invitations, her sons’ Bar Mitzva invitations and those of many satisfied customers.

Aliza’s specialties include:
Fill-in, Commissioned Pieces, Family Trees, Graphic Design, Invitation Design, Ketubot, Original Calligraphic Art, and Teaching Hebrew Calligraphy.

To obtain additional information or view more samples of her work you may visit her web site at

Sample work:

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