Benefits of Membership

As a member of MAC you will receive a number of benefits – some of which are:

  • Four General Meetings each calendar year that feature an informative program that explores some aspect of calligraphy.
  • Reduced fees for Workshops and other MAC-sponsored events.
  • Opportunities to display and sell your work in juried and non-juried Exhibitions.
  • Regular Newsletters and Messengers via “snail mail” and “email”.
  • Access and borrowing privileges to our extensive library.
  • Opportunities to advertise your calligraphic services for a very low rate on our website as part of our “Hire a Calligrapher” feature.

Along with these specific benefits, you will also have access to some outstanding calligraphers!  Our members are enthusiastic, friendly, talented and more than willing to share their knowledge and talk to you about your work and answer your questions.   Many members teach calligraphy classes as well.

MAC usually holds its General Meetings on the second Monday in March, May, September and December.  These General Meeting offer you a chance to meet other members, get the “inside track” of the latest happenings, and enjoy a short but informative program about calligraphy or related topics.   We begin our meetings have a social gathering followed by a brief business agenda and then proceed with the  evening program.

MAC also sponsors juried and non-juried calligraphic exhibitions to showcase our member’s work.  These are held at least once a year at various sites in Lower Michigan.

Click HERE to sign up and join us!

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